Rob Ford se queda corto de 50 libras de meta como ‘Cortar la cintura “para bajar de peso campaña termina

18 Jun

National Post | News

A visibly disappointed Rob Ford capped off his public diet on Monday, shedding a total of 17 pounds over the five month campaign, short of his fifty pound target.

“We’ll keep working hard and get down. That’s all I can say,” said Mr. Ford, who had tipped the scale at 330 pounds at a jovial January launch for the Cut The Waist Challenge, devised by his brother and co-dieter, Doug Ford.

In contrast, the closer on Monday was a sombre affair, punctuated by the mayor crying out in pain as he apparently mis-stepped on his way off the scale, hurting his ankle.


Councillor Doug Ford, who came prepared for scrutiny wearing a tight-fitting black workout top under his dress shirt, came in at 240 pounds, down from an initial 275 pounds.

“It was an exciting weight loss challenge that we’ve done. We…

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